Was Orion a good guy?

constellation of Orion

When you look up at the night sky on a clear evening, you may be surprised at how many stars you will see.

The constellation `Orion the Hunter` is visible throughout the world and is one of the most popular constellations in many countries.  However, if you look at this specific tale, you will realize how much moralistic lessons it has.

The Greek Myths tells us that Orion, son of Poseidon and Euryale. He was also known as the handsomest and greatest hunter.

He served King Oenopion  as huntsman for a short time but was blinded and exiled onto the seashorse after raping the King’s daughter.  After finding a small boat and guided by the sound of a hammer, Orion had to travel east to seek the sun’s rays to recover his eye-sight.  After he succeeded to restore his sight, he set out to avenge to Oenopion but the king hid himself in an underground hideaway and therefore the revenge of Orion resulted in failure.  Orion gave up and instead, he fell in love with Artemis, the goddess who was also known as the huntress.

They loved each other very much, however, the brother of Artemis hated the arrogance of Orion and asked Mother Earth to send a scorpion to kill him.  At first, Orion tried to fight against the scorpion but it had armor that even Orion, nor any mortal`s weapon, could not defeat. Orion then decided to swim far out into the sea to get help.  While this was happening, Artemis’s brother tricked Artemis into firing an arrow at a tiny object in the sea which was Orion.  Later, the body of Orion washed up on the shore.  In grief, Artemis found Orion`s body and set Orion’s image among the stars, eternally pursued by a scorpion….

There are many versions of the myth of Orion and normally, they are all known as legendary stories.  The soever handsome and strong Orion was venerated as a hero.  That is why this tale was quite shocking for me.

Orion was born from a famous family and whom the father was a very talented man and because of it, Orion was always boastful.

At the beginning of the story as I described, Orion fell in love with King’s daughter, however, it seemed her feelings were not mutual.  Although Orion was a great hunter, he was not accepted by the daughter herself nor her father.

Orion was resented by many people throughout the entire story.  His insolent personality caused all of his tragedies.  In any given narrative, at least in those of ancient Greek stories, may be blended with historical basis` and this Orion story may tell how people should be more thoughtful and think of others.